Project 2021


About Project 2021

Project Twenty21 Australia is a collaboration between the ACCM and Drug Science Org in the UK. Project Twenty21 is already underway in the UK. Project Twenty21 Australia is the Australian arm of this project, where data will be collected in an Australian population in four of the seven clinical conditions being investigated in the UK. These clinical conditions will be:

– chronic pain

– anxiety

– post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

– multiple sclerosis (MS)

Project Twenty21 Australia is an open-label, prospective observational cohort study. It will follow patients prescribed medicinal cannabis in Releaf Clinics for the above-mentioned conditions over 12 months, collecting data on efficacy, safety and tolerability. The study will collect ‘real world data’ since it is measuring outcome variables over an extended time period and the medicinal cannabis products will be individualised to the participants. The study will begin in December 2021.